Desert Physical Therapy & Pelvic Health is recognized as the Valley’s leader in pelvic rehabilitation. Read what some of our patients have to say about our personal experience within our facility.

“Exceptional therapists and office staff. I highly recommend Desert Physical Therapy & Women’s Health Center to others. Your center and clinical team are a tremendous resource in addressing complex and widely misunderstood physical issues.”
Gina S.
“The office staff and therapists are phenomenal! They are always concerned about my well-being and continue to offer suggestions to give me the best possible care. I love them all!”
Linda N.
“It was excruciating – I thought I would lose my mind from the pain and exhaustion taking over my life. Every therapeutic approach fell short and my condition was escalating until I entered your office. With the first specialized treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction I began to experience relief and I continue to improve. The professional expertise and service Desert Physical Therapy provide are truly exceptional.”
Vera T.
“Excellent, Caring, and Wonderful P.T.’s”
Dan H.
“My issues have greatly improved ever since I began at Desert Physical Therapy.”
Jeff M.
“The quality of care that I receive has been excellent.”
Michael S.
“The physical therapists I’ve seen at Desert P.T. have been essential partners in relieving my muscle pain. I don’t know where I would be without them because they were my fifth attempt to improve with a physical therapy program. None of the previous programs/places I tried could address all of the areas in which I had muscle spasms. I’ve been an unusual and severe case and only my therapists at Desert P.T. have been knowledgeable enough to find ways to keep me improving in all areas. They are also exceptional in that they don’t use techs; they always work directly on/with the patient. Desert P.T. therapists even solved a muscle problem I didn’t know I had. I had no idea that my need to urinate frequently was caused by tight pelvic muscles until the problem stopped after my therapist worked on that area!”
Jamie V.
“Tara and the staff at Desert Health PT are exceptional. Tara is a wealth of pelvic floor knowledge. I met Tara when I was 21. She gave me my diagnosis of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and because of how young I was at the time, I decided not to seek PT. My problem was, I did not believe that was the issue. By that point I had seen 6 different doctors all of who had no idea what to do with my case but yet thought they could potentially fix me. Fast forward 12 years with a year of pelvic floor PT behind me (in another state) and I was still with so many unanswered questions. I went back to see Tara for yet another explanation. Tara explained ALL of my pain. My doctor who is specialized in the pelvic floor couldn’t even do that. Tara helped to put me at ease, she worked with me until I had to return to my home state and she still keeps in contact to be my cheerleader and knowledge. If you are looking for someone who is compassionate, empathetic and who understands pelvic pain then I urge you to contact Tara. She is a walking wealth of knowledge who loves to learn and is extremely passionate about what she does. She has been such a huge help in my long journey of healing. If ever you have doubt with her, dont! It’ll cost you many years of your life. Trust me!”

Natalie K.

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