Speed Up Your Check-In

To expedite the check-in upon your initial visit, please print and fill out the appropriate forms before you arrive at our office. If you are unsure which forms to fill out, please contact us. If you would prefer to fill out your paperwork in our office, please arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

All Physical Therapy patients will need to fill out the general forms as well as any appropriate additional paperwork under your specific therapist’s name.

If you will be seeking reimbursement for our physical therapy services, click here to print out an Insurance Worksheet to help you ask the right questions about your physical therapy benefits.

Click here for our HIPAA Policy if you wish to review the specifics of our privacy


Please find your therapist below and fill out their associated forms.

  • Please fill out our general form
  • To view our HIPAA policy please reference this form
  • For Pelvic Pain/Vulvar conditions, please use this form
  • For Pregnancy/Post-Partum, please use this form
  • For Urinary Incontinence, please use this form
  • For Orthopedic, Musculo-skeletal, and Other conditions, please use this form
  • For Male Pelvic Pain please use this form
  • Please fill out our intake form
  • To view our HIPAA policy please reference this form

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