Many people are still unaware of what Pelvic Physical Floor Therapy is, therefore, I wanted to take some time to educate the public on what this less-familiar, but incredibly effective therapy is for those suffering from pelvic floor pain.

Let’s begin with the pelvic floor and what the heck that is anyway…the pelvic floor is a very important area in the body that helps stabilize, support organs, provide sexual appreciation, assists with elimination functions as well as continence of bladder and bowels. These muscles become extremely important and most of us go throughout our day having no clue that we have these muscles “down there.” Honestly, before I was a physical therapist, I had no clue either! Now that I DO KNOW I wonder why everyone doesn’t know about this all important muscle group and their functions! They really are amazing until they aren’t amazing anymore.

Sometimes things can go awry, and things can head “south” – figuratively and literally. There can be pain, burning, stabbing sensations, urinary or bowel leakage, urinary frequency and urgency, pain with intercourse, pain with sitting, pain with any or no activities at all. The kind of pain that happens in the pelvic floor region is a pain that is so different than what you experience in the rest of the body and because of this most people are more scared on what is going on with them. As a pelvic physical therapist, we evaluate and treat the pelvic floor. We of course look at the whole body, but we really start the focus on the pelvis to see what is going on with the muscles, fascia, positioning of the pelvis, breathing patterns, holding patterns etc.

The Pelvic PT’s goal is to help the body to remember how to heal itself – so that you feel empowered and in control of your life.  You can find more valuable information throughout this website or contact or conveniently located Scottsdale, AZ office here.

Tara Beran PT, DPT