Pain.  I couldn’t explain it.  It hurt when I pee; I had swelling down there; it hurt to be intimate with my husband. Normally a very social person, my life revolved around doctors appointments that told me the same thing: nothing was wrong with me.  Was I crazy? Was this pain just in my head? I had slowly but surely become one with the couch and binging Netflix became a way of life. 

After looking on blogs, attempting to self diagnose – I was led to a forum that discussed Pelvic PT – there was a directory to locate a provider in your area.  The closest provider to me was Desert Physical Therapy & Pelvic Health.  I called the number and what I believe to be divine intervention, Tara answered. We discussed my symptoms and she seemed to know everything I was talking about.  Hope. I finally felt hope and we scheduled my first appointment a few days later.

This was not a typical medical office feel, it was more spa-like; it was warm and inviting and I was met with friendly faces including Tara’s who took me to her office to have a conversation and begin the intake process. 

I went into detail about my pain and when and how it started.  She came to the conclusion that my pain was triggered by a new fitness activity and went into depth about the muscles and nerves in the pelvic floor. I had no idea that this was even a thing, much less that I would be shown on a pelvic model what was going on with me.  It made so much sense and then she asked if she could examine me and if I felt comfortable doing so. 

Before she could finish her question, I was almost undressed from the waste down as I was that desperate.  She stepped out of the room and allowed me to have privacy. I laid on the comfy table and waited anxiously for her to get started.

Once she returned – she explained how she would be examining me and advised me to voice any discomfort along the way.  She began the exam and feeling my muscle, fascia and tissues and while doing so was finding pain points that she held and was able to release.  It was fascinating and the pain was subsiding.  Honestly, I was so elated at finding her that I didn’t care that in order to release the pain points/tension – this could have been uncomfortable in some instances, but it was necessary to relieve the pain.  She explained where she felt the most tightness and restriction and those were the areas we would focus on during our next sessions. Before leaving, we scheduled my treatment plan for sessions every week. To say I left hopeful is an understatement.

– Patient C.